Thursday, August 30, 2012

Report Card Time

So far I'm not that impressed with Little Man's school's response.   Out of the stack 'o grants I found they "may be" interested in applying for one that helps special needs kids.  They selected 8 others that relate only to general education) which they would like me to do applications for.

They declined to have ANYONE attend the training I was going to pay for.

And my son's teacher sent me home a note yesterday telling me he is not allowed to bring his comfort item (small stuffed toy) to school even though he leaves it in his backpack during the day and only plays with it before and after school.  Why I asked?  Is he misbehaving with it - taking it out when he should not?   I was told - "No but it is a rule for all of the children and must be enforced for all of them".

Yeah  - I may be rethinking both the tape recorder and the lawyer for the IEP meetings.

I'm definitely not feeling the love. 

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