Thursday, August 23, 2012

Better and Better

Yesterday was the first day of school and we accomplished waking up, getting ready, and drop off with no tears on anyone’s part.  Even Mom managed to stay dry eyed.  Mom did spend the day flinching every time a phone ring though.  With Little Man having had so much trouble last year and still not fully potty trained and Big Sister spending her first day in Middle School in a whole new town, I half expected to get a call that I needed to pick up at least one hysterical child.  Hey – plan for the worst hope for the best right?  But my only phone call related to children or school was Nana calling because my husband forgot to add her name to the approved list at the Middle School.  She wanted to drop in for lunch and could not.  I’ll get that taken care of for tomorrow but I think it may have been a good thing she could not today on the first day.
Middle School is so tricky.  Having Nana drop in to Primary or Elementary School is cool but Middle School?  Umm, I’m not so sure where that cut off is.  I’ll let our daughter drive that decision.  ‘Cause getting labeled a “baby” or “uncool” the first day is not going to promote a happy transition for her.   I worry for her because not only is she ADHD, she has a lot of anxiety issues and transitioning to a new school at the same time she transitions to a new home (from Mom and Step dad’s house  to Dad and Step Mom’s – that would be me) is a lot to take on all at once.  Oh and the hormone typhoons they are a raging as well.
But my ADHD Middle Schooler came home and said she had a great day.  She already knows a girl in her Band class and she met another girl she likes – can she invite them to her birthday party?  “Oh and this nice boy whose gonna be a friend, but not a boyfriend, just a friend in my class whose like a boy, can he come – oh maybe he won’t like a girly make over party that’s right but can he come over some time? And French is so awesome because we never have homework ever and I wanna watch TV now if that’s ok?” Whew!
Little Man had a good day.  He was happy to see me and said school was “fun” and that he “played”.  His teacher said he did well and had no toileting accidents.  (Why is that their primary concern!?!)  I’m just happy he seems happy.  He did not remember the names of any of the kids in his class – No idea if he asked their names but even if he did of course they did not register at all.  Sigh.  But the parents of one of his classmates did contact me and suggest that the boys should get together for a play date sometime.
 I’m a little worried that he had no bowel movement at all yesterday.   I don’t want to get into withholding and all the trouble that causes again.  But I’m telling myself I am not going to be as obsessed with Little Man’s toileting issues as the school seems to be.  If he doesn’t go today we’ll up his usual Miralax dose and they will just have to deal with the consequences the same as we do.  So overall – so far so good – Mama’s feeling cautiously optimistic.

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