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My greatest hope for this little blog is that it can serve as a place for people to learn from and support each other; that by having conversations about FASD we can learn together how to better understand, support and include people who are affected. I am far from perfect and I know I will fail at times to respond with compassion, understanding and mutual respect. (I have a very unfortunate tendency toward snark and sarcasm.)   Please feel free to call me on it when I fail, as I will with any commentors who respond without compassion, understanding and mutual respect.

I am saddened and deeply frustrated by the lack of civil discourse in society today. I am going to do my very best to keep my personal tendency toward snark in check and ask that others do as well.  I will not allow personal attacks, either on me or others who comment here, period. Also any comments here that include personal insults, threats of violence or attacks on my children (or anyone else’s for that matter) will be deleted.  Disagree with me all you want - leave them out of it.  They are children.  I do welcome constructive disagreement and respectful debate but I hope to keep this from being a place of unproductive anger directed at each other.  Currently there are not enough people who read here or comment to really make comment moderation a necessity but if that changes then I will change the blog settings as well.

I understand and respect people's desire for maintaining some level of privacy on line. However, I do ask that comments be accompanied by a name (or at minimum a consistent pseudonym).

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and read here, and even more for commenting in a way that makes sure it is a supportive and safe place to talk about sometimes difficult subjects.

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