Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Question of the Week

I saw this “Question of the Week” **posted on line:
1.     Question of the week: if you could ask your child’s school principal or district superintendent to do 3 things that would improve the life of your child (or others) with LD, what would they be?
And I just had to answer:
#1  Please cut down on the amount of crap you hang on the walls, ceiling, doors and windows of the class room.  This is a really simple absolutely no cost change.  I feel assaulted by all of the stimuli - I have no idea how kids with sensory problems cope.   Research has shown that a lot of children with LD have issues with this, especially kids with ADHD so its not like I’m asking you to do it just for my kid’s sake.
#2  Stop trying to tell parents "We just don't do that here." whenever we ask for an accomodation our child needs for their disability.  You know it’s a budget issue, I know it’s a budget issue, and we both know that regardless of the money problem  if its required by IDEA, Title 5, or ADA you are going to have to do it eventually anyway so stop wasting my time with 40 million meetings when we all know the outcome.  If you let us spend that energy lobbying to get you more funds you'd be better off in the long run and so would the kids.
#3  contrary to popular opinion women do not lose all brain function when they became a mom.  I have a freaken Master’s degree IN EDUCATION - stop telling me how you guys are the experts and I just have to rely on your judgment and LISTEN to me.  I am the expert in my child’s particular pattern of learning challenges.  When you produce someone with a degree and experience in teaching post institutionalized, internationally adopted children with FASD and sensory integration issues then you can tell me you have the expert. 
In fact, stop doing this to all parents regardless of their education level or age or gender - they live with the child 24/7.  They are the expert in their child.

What would your suggestions be?

** this question of the week was originally posted by Adrienne Ehlert Bashista co-editor of Easy to Love but Hard to Raise.  You can find her on facebook at!/easytolovekids and on line at or

I follow all three.  The help, ideas and support there are fantastic.

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