Monday, January 7, 2013


As a first post of the new year I feel like I should be all motivated and inspirational but I'm just not feeling it.  I feel just as physically tired and emotionally worn down as I did before.  I'm not getting any happy, anticipatory lift out of the new year stretching out ahead. 

Can I confess to you here that I am extremely happy to have the holidays behind us?  I packed away the last of the decorations this weekend and finally finished locating space for all the new crap we accumulated over them.  I really want to start doing "experiential" holidays from now on.  you know going somewhere and doing something as a family for the holiday rather than spending too much money on junk that we don't need and then have to spend the rest of the year picking up.

I will say that at one gift does seem to have been worth the money spent.  Little Man LOVES music and the musical toy I found for him has been used so much we've had to replace the batteries already.  Its called B Symphony in B.  It has 13 separate instruments that you can place on a stage area.  It will play a tune - with the instruments you select.  So you can listen to Beethoven's fifth (or I'm bringing home a baby bumble bee) played by the accordion, or the tuba, or the banjo - or all three together.  If you have a child that really likes music - I highly recommend it.