Monday, August 27, 2012

Relationship Test

Yeah, yeah, I know you are not supposed to “test” relationships.   According to Psychology Today   testing only sets up roadblocks.  Well I say, phooey on psychology.*    I want to know just how committed my son’s school is to us.  So I’m testing them.  You know – the kind of “If you really love me you will…” test.  Actually, I have a series of tests planned.  **
First of all, I’ve offered to cover the cost of attendance for the person of the school's choice in a teleconference on teaching children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  I’m not even asking them to put their money where their mouth is on this*** – just a ridiculously small chunk of time.   
Second, I’ve researched a number of grants the school could qualify for and requested time with the principal to review which he would like me to apply for on behalf of the school.  There are a mix of general education and special education grants there.  I’m really wondering which he’ll give the go ahead on. ****
Finally, and highest stakes, I am bringing a “special guest” to the upcoming IEP meeting for Little Man.   I’ve debated this one back and forth.  I attended a conference this summer where a professional Parent Advocate strongly recommended bringing both a legal representative (or advocate) AND a tape recorder to all IEP meetings.  She also recommended bringing goodies.  I’m going with the advocate and donuts.  I’m not quite ready to drag along a tape recorder.***** 

I’ll let you know how it goes.

*I really wanted to say something much ruder than phooey, but I’m working on self-censoring those words out of my speech since Little Man is still in the repeating everything stage.
** Of course I do.  Have a plan work the plan - its the key to understanding me every time.
*** It’s not like I’m expecting them to propose, or even move in together.  Heck, I’d barely equate this with going steady. 
**** Ok so this may look kind of unfair – along the lines of your kids asking you, “Which of us do you love best?”  The thing is there is a right answer – I love you all – i.e. apply for them all and just see what shakes out.
***** I’m not so sure I want a taped record of ME at these meetings. 

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