Monday, September 10, 2012

Does this count as a "Guest Post"?

Today's post is blatant plagiarism.  Wait, is it still plagiarism if you acknowledge the author and get their permission?  I guess not.  Adrienne is the one that found this article and noticed the connection.  She said everything perfectly in her comments so I don’t really need to do more than just share what she wrote:

·         "Meanwhile, parents are often wracked by guilt, wondering what they did (or didn't) do that caused their child's _____.... In such an environment, it's no wonder that our research into __________is designed to prevent it.

I stand with a group of ________adults and their allies who believe that the best way to support _________people is to accept them, encourage their strengths, and work with them to find ways to mitigate their disabilities. And I don't see how I can support acceptance and also support research that seeks prevention."

This quote is from an article about autism and the constant search to find a cure. If you take out AUTISM and add in FASD to the blanks, you will see exactly where FASD awareness and prevention efforts are focused right now, and why I think it's time to move forward from there.

The only known effective "treatment" for FASD is parent and caregiver training and support, where caregivers are educated that this is a brain-based, permanent disability that impacts behavior. And by accommodating people with FASD and changing their environments so they are best set up for success we can help them develop at their own pace. ~Adrienne Bashista

Here's the link to the article, in case you're interested:

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