Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baited Breath

So tomorrow is the IEP meeting - to discuss his services - even though his evaluations will not be complete.  The cynical cerebral part of me can't wait - it ought to be a real farce.  The desperately emotionally involved mother in me dreads it.  Why can't they see how important this is?  Duh - because they are clueless. 
80% of people with FASD, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, cannot keep a job without on-going support regardless of age. 70% will be confined sometime in their life for mental health reasons, alcohol and drug rehab, or for committing a crime caused by FASD’s effect on impulse control. 60% of people with FASD will not finish high school. And over 50 % will have at least one suicide attempt in their lifetime.   Remember all this applies to MY BABY!!
 One of the key factors for positive life outcomes for children with FASD is positive school experiences and healthy peer relationships.  So while I know it seems like I am being totally overwrought about my son’s kindergarten experience – I’m probably not.  It does really matter that much.  Not each and every second is critical – but the sum of his experience, the tone it sets for his school experiences overall, his ability to connect with his peers in some meaningful way,  oh yeah it matters. 

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