Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Steps

The meeting yesterday went pretty well.  Long - about 2.5 hours but in the end I got most of what I wanted in the official IEP and the entire document is in the official notes.  I have heard from some others that they have been in IEP meetings that have gone 4 hours or longer over several days.  I'm grateful it did not have to go that long.  I was pleased that after the initial stunned stares at my "manifesto" the team actually read through it and made suggestions I had not even thought of. 

The one issue that has not been answered is why the training we offered to pay for was never offered to the actual teachers and why we were told it had been and they were not interested.  I'm not letting that go.  I'm working on a letter to ask those questions.  I intend to send it registered mail to the Principal, the director of special education for the district and the school board.  I will be asking for a written response.  Both of which will be going in my record book.

I'll post a copy of that once it goes out. 

Right now I'm putting the communication journal they have agreed to use together to go into Little Man's school bag.  I am most pleased about that I think.  It was such a huge help in his preschool days that I really wanted that going on. 

After that I'm trying to do a little self care.  I am dog sick and going to bed early!

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