Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Little Man has always taken intense likings to specific words or sounds.  He repeats them over and over, in high squeaky tones or low booming ones, whisper quiet or ear piercingly loud.  He's never shown much interest in the meaning or context of the current favorite.  This week however, has seen a new development. I found him yesterday spinning in circles and mumbling something I could not quite catch under his breath.  What'cha doing buddy?  I asked,

I'm REVELING he sang out, still spinning.  And sure enough revel, revel, revel was what he was repeating.  Do you know what revel means? I asked him and he stopped cold not even swaying - when I would be staggering from the constant spin.

"Sure" he says, "I'm liking it a super lot"  and off he went spinning and reveling away.

After spending time on some of the negative stats surrounding FASD again, I needed to write this.  He reminds me of my friends RJ and Savanna and their word salad just now.  I really need to get them to explain it some time as they understand it.  From the out side it looks like just tossing certain words back and forth to each other - ones that satisfy their ears and mouths I assume.

But I watch how happy it makes them and it makes me smile to see.  I see the healthy, happy, wonderful people they are and I see the reflections of them in my Little Man,

And I am reveling in Little Man's revels.

Image is children playing on metal playground merry go round

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