Friday, September 9, 2016

This Day

This day - 9/9 - I have no idea what to write. 
Those of you that know me already know what this day means. How can I say anything differently than what you hear from me every day - post after post - until you are probably tired of it all. I think about the news stories I see - the pain, the struggle and the losses that accompany undiagnosed and unsupported FASD. And I think about the strength, the resilience, the energy and dedication of the affected people I know. How they keep fighting to make a difference. I think about the absolute joy of my son. 
How can I possibly find the words to make the world see what it doesn't want to - to see how we are losing SO MUCH by not supporting all people whose brains operate a little differently - even if their differences were preventable. I see people stepping up to the plate and talking about the value of Autistic minds, ADHD minds, OCD minds. Not enough yet - not nearly enough but starting those conversations. 
Why can we not include FASD minds in that? Why must our only focus be on preventing these vibrant creative beautiful people, like James Gideon, Savanna Pietrantonio, Toya Amelia Bermudez Myles Himmelreich R.J. Formanek, my brother William, my son from existing? Why can we not spread the message that not drinking while pregnant is important but that supporting and valuing folks that are affected by fetal alcohol exposure EVEN MORE IMPORTANT. Why aren't people that actually exist right now more important than people who may exist someday?

I don’t have any answer.  I only know I have to keep trying.  

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