Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Lobbying for the PITA Award

Just thought I'd share my latest letter to the legislative assistant that works for my state senator.  We're on a first name basis by now.  She hears from me almost weekly.


Thanks for your fast reply.  I will be sure to send some follow up information to the snail mail address.  I understand that Senator X must be very busy.  I hope you will keep my request on file if time in his schedule does open.  I will be continuing to check in to see if there is a time available.  I am also curious to know if the Senator has plans for marking International FASD Awareness day, September 9th.  If so I would like to know the event so I can make plans to attend.  I was very disappointed that there was no acknowledgement at all of the date for the last 2 years in our state.  My family and I traveled instead to North Carolina and Washington DC instead to attend events. 

I think it speaks loudly to the level of attention this issue receives here that not only are events like that missing but the only training courses offered in the state have been through invitations to the NC FASD coordinator or other professionals from out of state to speak.  I myself am going to Georgia this weekend to attend an event sponsored by Emory University and the CDC on a specific intervention for improving Math abilities in those affected by FASD.  I really think that we should be making this part of our state teachers requirements.  I'll send you more information after my return.

I look forward to corresponding with you again in the near future.


Eventually she is going to give up and set up a meeting for me with the Senator.  I'm just that stubborn - although I prefer the term committed.  

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