Sunday, July 20, 2014

Happy, Happy, Happy

Little Man is just making progress all over the place at the moment.  I used to be the person always looking to the next challenge instead of enjoying the now.  My son has taught me to savor the moments like this week when I heard him self advocate for the very first time.  He has said something cute about wanting to go to Disney world and both Nana and Daddy started asking him to repeat it and to recall all kinds of moments from the trip we took there 2 years ago.  I could tell they were overwhelming him but before I could step in and try to slow them down Little Man threw up a hand in the classic "stop" pose and said, "I don't want you to talk more right now.  Its too hard to think."

Wow!!  Just wow.  We talk to Little Man about how all brains are different, about how his need more time sometimes and mommy's needs more quiet than his does and daddy's brain doesn't work good early in the morning.  We talk about asking for what we need.  "Hey buddy mommy needs a little quiet time ok?"  "How about you and I go for breakfast and give daddy some more sleeping time?" But I've never been sure how much of that he understood or was taking in.

How totally awesome to see him reflect it back and make it work for himself!!  I'm doing a fist pumping boogie over here.  This is even bigger than the shoes!!

Image is from the baby fist meme all over the internet

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