Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

Dear friends, 

Guess what? It's my birthday today! I know you all know me in vastly different ways. Some of you are old friends and colleagues. Some are fellow parents of children with neurobehavioral special needs. Some of you - who really knows? In any case, no matter who you are if you are reading here  I'm sure you know how hard it can get for parents and families of children who have neurobehavioral special needs - especially parents and families who don't have a lot of support.

So I'm asking you for your help!

In addition blogging, tweeting and Facebooking about FASD and NB special needs, I also volunteer for a non-profit organization that trains and supports families whose children have fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). FASD, caused by alcohol exposure in utero, is such a complicated mix of behavioral symptoms, all related to prenatal brain damage. Effectively supporting people affected by FASD requires a radical change in the way we think about managing and changing behavior. Some people impacted by FASD are living with adoptive and foster families, some are living with their birth families some live independently and some interdependently. Everyone involved needs training and emotional support to make that change in their thinking.

Bottom line: the organization we're starting is in its infancy. We are in the process of applying for 501c3 status, but we're not there yet. In the next year we have some great goals: family camps, parent retreats, and awareness campaigns. We need donations to get it started.

So - if you want to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, consider donating to our little organization:

If everyone I know would give even $1, you would make a huge impact. If they gave $10 we'd be more than funded for the year! So consider it. It's a small amount for such a large impact.

Image is a generic photo of birthday candles on a cake - I could not find any one to credit the original image to

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