Friday, April 11, 2014

Finding Passion

Someone I was speaking with about FASD commented about my passion on the subject.  I replied to them with this:  

I am extremely passionate about this.  My brother and my son both have FASD.  I've seen the damage it can do in lives and I've seen that with the right intervention and support outcomes can be so different.  No one can "fix" what has been forever changed in the people I love but we can fix the structures around them.  We can stop hammering square pegs into round holes and ignoring all the secondary damage we created doing that.  We can make it so that there is a safe and welcoming pace for them in the world.  Maybe someday we can even learn to value their differences.   That is my passion and it has to start with education.  So if there is a way I can help - let me know and count me in.

It kind of surprised me what came pouring out in response to that one comment.  It feels right though - it feels like exactly what I want to dedicate my life to.  Creating a new future for people with FASD.  One that understands and VALUES all of them - including their neuro cognitive differences.  I'm not going to change world - at least not alone and I'm not going to get it all right.  But I am also not going to get tired of this, get bored, get discouraged and just give up.  I've found more than a passion - I've found a purpose.  

This - resonates- all the way to my soul in a way not much else has for me.  I'm a little dazed by the feeling.

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