Thursday, October 25, 2012


Sorry - I have been neglectful.  Life has been piling up as it has a way of doing and Mama is sick.  I swear I have NO immune system at all any more.  So I have been struggling to just keep up with everything going on and not done much in the way of posting. 

I am working on a couple of things for this blog though and will try to get the energy together to start getting them up here.  One is a post on sleep issues and what things we have found to be helpful with Little Man.  for another - I have been rereading Diane Mablin's book Trying Differently Rather than Harder

I really like the book.  I find it useful in a number of ways and wanted to write sort of a combination of book review with the spin off thoughts her work has inspired in me.  One piece of advice I can give easily is if you do not have a copy of the book get one and read it.  If you already have - reread it fairly regularly.  I am always surprised at how I can find something new or often I really need just a reminder of certain things.

Oh yeah, one final thing before I collapse back into a sniffling hacking heap - the schools assessments came back and they have decided to classify Little Man as "Other Health Impaired" and "Speech and Language Delayed".  I think of the 14 categories they have to chose from that is probably the best fit they could find.  He remains qualified for special education services for the next three years based on this.  I am, as usual following one of these meetings, happy and sad.  Sad because it is necessary.  I am so deeply sorrowful that there is no "cure" for him that will make the extra support un-needed some day.  It can be an endless sticky pit if I let myself dwell there so I don't dwell.  No amount of positive thinking completely erases all shadows of that grief though. 

Of course, I am also very glad that there is official documentation of the support he needs.  I don't kid myself that just having that will ensure it is all be smooth sailing for the next three years.  I believe (almost all) of his current team are really talented dedicated professionals that care about Little Man's success.  I also believe that the criminal underfunding of our public education system means I will always have to push and insist and be that squeaky wheel so that he gets all that he needs - but having the paperwork in place to support that is one less hurdle.  And given how little energy I have at the moment I am very grateful that it all happened smoothly and with no fight this time. 

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