Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How Alcohol Effects Neural Development

I expect most people who find there way here already know all this stuff but I still have some people I meet who don't so this is how I like to describe it - with some simple visuals (usually sketched onto what ever is handy) and reference to a few well known authorities since my word from the caregiver trenches  is never good enough. 

It has a lot more impact in person I think.  People seem to have a visceral reaction to you picking a random cell and beginning to erase all the connections and following development.  There are still lots of objectors.  I'm still working on how I counter all the crap and finally get through to them.  I suppose you will never convince everyone but i believe the first step to helping people who suffer from FASD is educating all those who don't know about it / don't believe its real.

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