Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

I wish I could find time to write here more often.  I don't know how other special needs mom's manage to write daily. I am in awe of them.  I really am.  I was trying to figure out where my time keeps disappearing to and I decided to lay out Little Man's schedule of appointments, consultations, and therapies.  I finally gave up on doing it in just list format because I kept getting confused and missing things.  So here's my visual representation: items in Red are things that he does at least once a week (some like Speech and OT are everyday), Orange happen monthly or every other month, Yellow at least 2 times a year, and finally the White are one off activities.  (We usually end up with one of those a year.)

Image is a word web created by me

Because we live in the middle of nowhere most of these require at minimum a 20 minute drive - some as long as an hour.  It averages out to about 12 hours a week.  OK - feel less guilty about the lack of blog posts now.  I'm sure that those other special needs mommy bloggers are carrying loads just as large but you know what - this is crazy for anyone!!  We all need a nap!

It is not uncommon for a child with FASD to need care webs as complicated as this.  True we could crop some of the items - he does not have to go to Hippotherapy and Music therapy and Play therapy.  But many  children with FASD would have CPS appointments, and SSI, and other items to fill in.   We do things like that in part because Little Man is not able to participate in soccer, or cub scouts, or other typical after school activities.  We've tried and they just do not work for him.  He really enjoys his time with the play therapist, he loves the music and the riding.  They are his "extra curricular activities."   They also have the benefit of really helping him develop better sensory integration and social skills. So I'm not whining - or at least I'm not trying to.  It honestly did surprised me how much time it all takes added up.   Now if I put up a list of housework and errands I do - that would be whining!

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