Sunday, June 29, 2014

Once More Into the Breach My Friends

Little Man starts summer school tomorrow.  I have no idea who his teacher will be and neither does he.  I have told them and told them that transitions are hard for him and he needs to be introduced to new people before they expect him to just show up and learn.  Sigh.  So I expect tomorrow will be a tough day for him.

I am taking the morning off work yet again so I can drive him to school and do the introduction rather than put him on a bus (with a summer driver he doesn't know either and a new route that takes twice as long) in hopes that will help.  I ran into his former teacher in the local store tonight and he is teaching one of the summer school classes as well, just not Little Man's.  He promised to look in on Little Man and help out if he was having any trouble.

I know the schools cannot do everything a parent might wish for every child.  They are woefully underfunded - all the time in our county it seems.  But really, telling us the teachers name and arranging for Little Man to meet him or her once before class starts doesn't seem like it should be too hard. for them to manage.

Summer session is only 5 weeks long.  It usually takes Little Man at least 2 weeks to settle into a new routine.  I'm not very hopeful we are going to get anything out of Summer School.  I think I need to start making alternate plans for next year NOW, since it is always such a struggle to find the right setting for him. Not just for us but for all Special Needs kids.  It shouldn't be, by ADA law any public accommodation, (camps, day cares, etc are all included in that unless they are affiliated with a religious organization, by the way) but you would not believe the number of places that turn us away. Even the before and after school care program at the school refused us for several years.  He does attend there now but I flex my work hours to insure it is only 20 min before school and 20 after that he is there.  Could I push the issue with each place as we run into them?   Sure, but if they don't want him there what kind of experience do you think he is going to have if I force them to accept him?

If I had unlimited time and were made of money I'd pursue legal action against each and every one - just so people would get the point - you cannot legally discriminate against the disabled in this country.  But I'm not and so I don't but I sure wish I could.

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