Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I wish

I wish I could say something profound or important today but I'm too tired.  It started out a good day but it went down hill fast.  We had an emergency at my day job - you know the not being a mom part of my day.  They wanted me on a plane to" middle of nowhere, god forsaken cold, oh my god your kidding right" today.  And they weren't kidding.  So after a 2 hour briefing (and what about that was brief - not much) I got to run around like a chicken with my head cut off making travel arrangements, cancelling therapy  appointments, arranging child care coverage, writing out the million and one things I take care of like meds and packed lunches etc that my husband would not know and breaking the news to Little Man.

Little Man does NOT do schedule changes.  At least not without a lot of advance notice.  So I also had the joy of peeling a weeping flailing child off myself and thrusting him into his Nana's arms at the airport while he screamed after me, "Don't leave me mommy. Take me with you." I cried my way through security so that I could wait.  And wait.  And wait some more.  At 8:30 they cancelled my 6:30 flight.

Now I can type to you all while I wait some more to see if there is any way to get on a flight tomorrow or if all the additional flights cancelled have made that mission impossible.

At least I'll be able to hug Little Man in the morning - perhaps right before I tell him I still have to go and deal with the melt down again but maybe they will decide to scrap this trip.  Hey - I can wish right?

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