Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I have to travel for business next week.  I will be gone for a full 5 days and nights.  So far I have 6 pages of notes for my husband and mother in law who will be watching the children while I am gone. 

I bet you think I am over thinking this.  In some cases I may be.  For example - I have listed Bed Time is 8 PM.  Will it kill anyone if I didn't list that or if the kids are up later?  No, but it will make for disrupted schedule which leads to bad days at school and weeks of getting back on track.  However, we'd all survive. 

Some things, like what meds to give and when (especially with Little Man's chronic infection and his constipation problems even one missed dose is a big issue) and where the nebulizer is stored if our daughter has an asthma attack (rare these days but possible) are actually important.  You'd think my husband would know these things but you'd be wrong.

Other things are really for their benefit:
Do homework first before the ADHD meds wear off. (If they wait its gonna be a long miserable night!!) 
Two stories, 10 minutes rocking, and the weighted blanket with Little Man will save them a lot of sleep.

And some are clearly for my benefit:
Remember I am three hours behind you - if you call before 8 AM your time someone better be dying.
If someone is dying, or bleeding, or unconscious, or if you locked yourself out, or the car won't start, or you can't find something - call someone closer before you call me!  What am I going to do about it from here anyway?
And most important - if you even THINK one of the kids might need to go to the emergency room - TAKE THEM to the emergency room and don't call me until you are on the way. 

And yes, I know from experience I DO need to include those last three.

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